How to use Nissan consult 3 plus to check, make key and program?

How to use Nissan consult 3 plus to test Nissan?

Firstly: get one particular Nissan consult 3 plus.

Second: prepare one laptop with Windows XP2 (SP2 or later on is okay), and Nissan Consult-3 Communication Mode is frequently USB two.0 or Bluetooth.

Third: prepare to set up Nissan consult 3 plus driver.

Fourth: during installation, pick the language you want. Nissan Consult 3 plus has 11 languages: Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Popular) English Finnish French German Greek Italian Japanese Russian Spanish

Fifth: Nissan Consult 3 plus carry out menu exhibits: Scantool Diagnostics, ECU Reprogramming, Immobilizer and Intelligent key, Electromobiles motor car and Nissan GTR

Sixth: enter Scantool Diagnostics – pick Electronic Control Process – choose vehicle designs: Nissan, Infiniti, GTR and Renault- commence to diagnose. You’ll find two diagnostic cables to pick, a single is 16pin connector, one more is 14pin connector, when you diagnose old Nissan, connect 14PIN cable on the car or truck; when you test new Nissan,

Seek to connect 16pin cable for the motor car. With many of the identical operation, just enter towards the other menus: ECU Reprogramming, Immobilizer and Clever key, Electromobiles motor automobile and Nissan GTR.

Tips on how to use Nissan consult 3 plus to make key for Nissan?

If you have 1 Nissan consult 3 plus, and would like to make key for Nissan, you’ll need to have one more Nissan consult 3 plus security card.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus on security card is utilised to generate key for Nissan cars and trucks, addresses just about all Nissan car’s immobilizer from 1996-2011. Nissan Consult 3 Plus security card must functions with Nissan Consult 3 Plus. Just after insert the Security card, Nissan NATS Security system will probably be activated.

How to use Nissan consult 3 plus GTR card to check, programming?

Very first, you require to have one particular Nissan consult 3 plus, then get another Nissan consult 3 plus security card.

Nissan Consult 3 Plus GTR Card is compatible with Nissan Consult 3 Plus . GTR card support diagnosing, programming and immobilizer programmer for Nissan GTR vehicles

Nissan Consult-3 plus GTR Card is PCI-E port, so the computer that Nissan consult 3 plus runs with need “PCI-E” port.

Nissan consult-3 plus Battery Registration Card

To begin with, you will need to get a single Nissan consult 3 plus, then get yet another Nissan Consult-3 plus battery registration card. They works collectively will help programming of Nissan car energy module.

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