ICOM NEXT is Faster than The Old BMW ICOM

Have some words about my new tool BMW ICOM Next A+B+C diagnostic tool from China.

1. ICOM Next is faster than the old bmw icom. It is also better built IMHO.And Next is WIFI available also.It handles multiprogramming and coding quite nicely.Gets the job done much faster if flashing the complete vehicle.Another benefit to Next will be compatibility for future cars.

2. I have icom next clone it works perfectly didn’t faced any issues.

3. My Chinese NEXT is working for more than year and everything is OK so far. I paid much more for it , but ye you get what you paid for.

4. It’s very good, the only thing you have to know it is the caps for usb enet etc, they won’t be really helpful bc they open all the time, However the quality is very good, enet cable is very long, OBD cable is very durable. Like it so much.

5. My old icom A2 burned with long hours connectied by accident.But this ICOM Next seems to work well with a Heat dissipation

6. Wifi connection is strong and stable, also the lan cable is work fine, 10 meters long enough. It is easy to make programming transmission control module EGS of BMW.

7. This car was bought new in 2001 and I only have 65,000 miles on it but the dashboard was always lit up like a Christmas tree! Since day one this car had electrical problems and every time the dealer said they fixed it the same problem popped up, the icom next helped me diagnose the problem and fixed it within 1 hour! !

In summary, ICOMNext is faster than the old BMW icom. It’s also better built IMHO. And 2017 Next, WIFI is also available. It handles multiprogramming and coding quite well. Gets the job done much faster when flashing the entire vehicle. Another benefit of Next will be compatibility for future cars. In two or three years a new ICOM will be released, that will probably be better etc. That’s how things work.

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