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Getting to know your way around the professional world means that you will also need to know how to use the technology and equipment that can help you do your job more effectively and efficiently. In an industry that performs maintenance and repairs on automobiles, it comes as no surprise that technology plays an important role in the day-to-day work. While some technicians prefer to do things the old-school way and others simply prefer their familiar methods, there are plenty of technologies and tools that give the auto repair world a boost autonumen.

Beginning in model year 2018, all automakers will be required to use a standard, non-proprietary interface so mechanics can access a car’s service data. Manufacturers must also sell both repair tools and service information at a “fair and reasonable price.” Of course, there are some caveats: Information that manufacturers deem to be a trade secret or proprietary is exempt from the agreement. A five-person panel will settle disputes between parties, should a manufacturer overcharge or refuse information.

We are not into ‘up-selling’. You may have seen unscrupulous car mechanics who do more work than you may have asked for or dealers who would rather replace an entire engine than try and figure out what the real problem is. They will check your vehicle every time you go to them and find major problems. We have based our business on honesty and transparency and will never charge you or recommend repair on problems that don’t exist ALL Auto Repair Software.

Turbocharging uses exhaust gas energy to spin a turbine that forces additional air into an engine, allowing more fuel to be burned for greater power. The use of turbochargers on passenger cars emerged in the 1980’s as a way to boost power on smaller engines bogged down by early emission controls. However, as emission control systems and overall engine designs improved, cleaner running larger engines caused turbocharging to fall from favor.

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