BMW ICOM A2 Diagnostic Tool With Latest BMW ISTA Software

From BMW ICOM series diagnostic tools ICOM A and A2 are professtional tool for BMW groups includes BMW, MINI,ROLLS-ROYCE and motobike. Its function includes vehicle diagnose (for all systems), coding ( for example activating hidden functions) and programming.

The BMW ICOM A and A2 diagnostic tool from are in high quality and nice service. You can use them to works on latest bmw group vehicles with latest BMW diagnostic software Rheingold BMW ISTA ISID and so on.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISID Scanner With Newest Native ISTA/D and ISTA/P. BMW ICOM A2 is new genetaion BMW Scanner which instead of its previous version BMW ICOM A+B+C for diagnosing and programming BMW groupe vehicles include Mini,Rolls-Royce and motobike.ICOM A2 has more robust construction and faster speed.

BMW ICOM A2+B+C ISID Diagnostic Tool Advantages:

1.Faster processor and bigger storage for better expression.
2.Robust construction makes it can works in compilicated enviroment.
3.The Part B of A2 will be covered by a soft gap, it is for avoiding dust & oil & water.

The clients who will get free software for his ICOM or ICOM A2 Scanner in 1 year!

Some Tips for using that software
1. Make sure the BIOS time of your laptop is correct.
2. Password BMW
3. If you want use ISID ISTA/P to program cars, please make sure your laptop has 4GB ram.

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