Nexiq 125032 usb link is Diesel Truck diagnostic Interface

Nexiq 125032 usb link is Diesel Truck diagnostic Interface. Nexiq truck scanner can compatible with 17 software. Below auto diagnostic obd sharing Tips of Nexiq wireless adapter NEXIQ 125032 update. NEXIQ 125032 USB Link has one important highlight is that it can do fast work. With direct USB connection, it can reduce reprogramming times. It supports quick accessing to vehicle data for maintenance or management reports and attaches to vehicle’s diagnostic connector.

KTAG was operated well on Windows xp computer system. It is said that it can also work on Win 7 professional. I have not tried it yet. K-TAG is quite easy to operate. I have mastered relevant knowledge about protocols, so use KTAG is a piece of cake for me. I have got hardware. I chose the protocol to enable and then it started programming. I connected the device to the diagnostic OBD16 pin port to install the software according to the. The software displayed “Read the ECU” after installation. Then i closed the software when it successfully read the message. Finally, I was allowed to disconnect the KTAG from the pin port. The  KTAG ECU programmer  also allowed me to download new information to my car computer to increase power band and store the original stock computer program.

The Diagnostic Scan Tool (Scanner) aka “intelligent tester 2″ is designed to fully utilize the enhanced vehicle On-Board Diagnosis function such as improvement of data refresh rate (CAN protocol), enhancement of Freeze Frame Data and Active Test function and so on. As an aid in diagnosing electrical and electronic control system, it is capable of monitoring and testing Electronic Control Units (ECUs) for powertrain, chassis and body systems and their associated sensors and actuators. Easy and fast USB connection will realize tight integration with Personal computer (PC or Notebook) based applications and systems. The Intelligent Tester II has an ability of future extension via generic memory card slot and change of the optional unit. The wireless communication with Pcs will be possible by using wireless card in the future.

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