Why Choose MB SD C4 from Autonumen.com

MB SD C4 was most popular MB Star Diagnostic Tool, MB SD C4 Multiplexer from Aliexpress is much more cheaper than Autonumen.com. As we all know the MB SD C4 request after-sales service more often than other device. Up to now, there are so many MB SD C4 customer who order from Aliexpress different ask for after-sales service. Such as following case:
MB Star Diagnostic SD Connect Compact C4 MB SD Connect C4 Multiplexer
Autonumen.com Kindly note:
1.Autonumen.com only offer free after-sales service within 1 year warranty for the product order from us.
2.We do not free offer technical support for product from other suppliers, due to the quality different, much MB SD C4 multiplexer can only send back to supplier for repair.
3. If Customer need technical support for your Benz diagnostic tool MB SD C4 Multiplexer from Other suppliers indeed, just pay 39usd for each time, then contact Skype:obd2tool02 for technical support.
Why order the Benz Diagnostic Tool MB SD C4 from Autonumen.com?
1. SD Connect Serial Number 100925(Autonumen.com Kindly note: serial number 101923 or 101044 SD CONNECT may be locked when you update firmware?
2. Star Diagnosis SD Connect C4 firmware update available.
3. DAS/XENTRY Software from Autonumen.com have Blask list path can help sd connect C4 mux avoid locked.
4. Full New Chips layout on PCB board which inlud UDS Chips which support scn online coding via dealer account.
5. All SDConnect will be power on and aging than 12 hours, and it will be tested 3 times with Ecus before shipping
20151029010232 57364 Buy MB SD C4 from Aliexpress or Other Online Shop?
6. Autonumen.com MB SD C4 Mutiplexer have 1 year free warranty, we offer free after-sales service for device from us under warranty.
More question about MB SD C4 Multiplexer from Autonumen.com just feel free to keep your order number to contact us freely. Thanks.

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