How to tell it’s a REAL Xentry Connect C5, not FAKE

Real and fake Xentry Connect have the same look. So, how to know if your Xentry SD Connect C5 is real or not?

Real Mercedes BENZ C5 should have good design & quality. Look here:

It’s 1:1 clone of the original from the French ACTIA Company

This board is verified to work no issues

Fake Xentry Connect C5 has boards inside, the same as SD connect c4. Have a look at this:

the fake mb star c5 has nothing update

it is another Mercedes Star Diagnostic Tool SD C4 with a different look only

fake C5 adopts the same design in appearance as the genuine from French ACTIA Company

same sw, some PCB, same result as SDconnect

Only with Real Professional Diagnostic Tools SDconnect C5, you have opportunity to:

1 diagnose newest hybrid W222

2 do DoIP diagnosis coz it has an Ethernet switch, which switches the TCP/IP messages

3 get what you pay for coz you’ll have the best experience of MB diagnostic that there is a qualitative improvement in C5 hardware and software help diagnostic efficiency esp. speed and stability

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