SKP-900 Key Programming for Mitsubishi Lancer 2012 Review

This is the review on SKP900 key programmer… Just for sharing here.

I just got skp900 package last week with the best price on sales… the lucky dog, you know.

As you can see, items in the box included are:

– the SKP-900 Main Unit
– some cables
– some adapters
– Manual

Bought this tool for a couple of reasons:
– i need a key tool to do key programming for my Lancer 2012. Google and Talked with some users in forums, then sk900 be the best choice.

Here’s the photo of my car:

At the beginning, i went through the menu in the skp900… It is very easy to use… Just follow the screen instruction with four arrow buttons, YES/NO button, and keyboard button. No more worry about operation before this. Kids can do it, i think.

Then i began key programming for my Lancer

Screenshots of all the procedure are here

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