Creator V6.2 C310+ BMW Scan Tool / Code Reader

This is the same scan tool as the Maozua above with different branding.

It uses the same form factor, the same software, and is often at a comparable price.

There aren’t really any advantages or disadvantages over the Maozua above, so feel free to get whichever one is slightly cheaper.
Who is this scan tool built for?

This budget offering is perfect for OBD2 Auto Scanner BMW owners who need basic functionality to clear dashboard lights at home.

If you want to figure out why your ABS, stability control, oil, or check engine lights are on, this BMW tool is a great choice. It can read some live data and diagnostic information, too.

If you want advanced features or the ability to program your car, you definitely want something else.


This BMW diagnostic tool is pretty cheap and comes with everything you need to pull error codes from your car.

It’s incredibly simple to use, too.

You just turn the car on and press a few buttons to figure out everything you need to know.


The instructions for this tool aren’t great. It’s pretty easy to figure out how to do most things, but if you want to access more advanced features, you might have trouble deciphering the manual.

Speaking of advanced features, this tool is somewhat lacking. You can’t access every part of your car’s computer with this simple scanner.


Like the identical Maozua above, this tool is perfect for people who want to save money on car maintenance.

It’s cheap, simple, and has enough functionality for most BMW owners. You can figure out why your dashboard lights are on or view diagnostic data. This will let you fix your car yourself or simply make a more informed decision with your mechanic.

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