BMW Scanner: Original Carly Wifi Adapter

This is a wifi adapter that allows you to connect an app on your phone directly to your car’s computer.

While this adapter doesn’t come with a “pro” app, it will let you view error codes right out of the box.

Once you buy the app upgrade you can reset error codes and access quite a bit of advanced functionality.
Who is this BMW scan tool built for?

If you want to use your phone‘s interface instead of a few basic rubber buttons to view data from your car, this scanner is perfect.

The adapter plus app combo means that you can access data in a much more convenient way and even e-mail yourself copies of the results.


The improved usability of this tool makes it much easier for most people to use.

The apps you can connect have intuitive interfaces and make full use of your phone’s high-resolution screen and touchscreen controls.


You have to pay an additional fee to use the proprietary app that pairs with this device. The “free” version only lets you view codes, not clear them.

This means that there are some hidden costs associated with this device that you’ll need to pay in order to unlock its full functionality. Additionally, users have reported some issues with software updates and this device.


If you want a cheap wireless scanner that connects to your phone, this Carly unit is a solid choice. It lets you use an advanced app to view and clear error codes and access your car’s diagnostic data in a more useful format.

This means that it’s often much easier to figure out what’s wrong with your car with this tool instead of a standalone unit with a small screen.


Which scan tool is best for you will vary based on your needs. Here’s a quick guide to which option is best based on some common criteria:
Best Affordability: BMW diagnostic tool Creator V6.2 C310+ BMW Scanner

These units are identical, so feel free to purchase whichever one is on sale at the moment.

Both options are perfect for anyone who just wants to easily view and clear error codes or probe engine problems with diagnostic data.

Best Functionality: VXDIAG MULTI BMW Scanner

The VXDIAG tool is by far the most advanced scanner we’ve seen.

The ability to use professional software to access the full power of your car’s computer is the best thing you could possibly ask for, and this tool lets you do this.

If you want to program your car’s computer or use other advanced features, this tool is by far the best.

Best Compatibility: FOXWELL NT510 BMW Scanner

The FOXWELL is probably the best choice for use with non-BMW cars, but it’s definitely a tough call.

Since you have to pay for the software to use the tool with cars that aren’t BMWs, it’s still not a perfect option.

Still, you can use it with Fords, GMs, Toyotas, and virtually every other car make you can think of once you’ve bought the right software patch.

Using an OBD2 Scanner for BMW To Save Money

All of these scan tools are pretty cheap.

For the cost of a couple hours of your mechanic’s time, you can get a tool you’ll have for a long time that will let you talk to your car and retrieve diagnostic information.

Whether you choose a cheap tool with simple functionality or an expensive one that lets your program your BMW, you’ll save lots of cash by figuring out what’s wrong with your car at home.

With a little luck and some Google skills, you can even fix the problem yourself without needing to visit a mechanic!
Will My Scan Tool Last?

OBD2 Scanner is a universal format.

While BMW puts a few extra bells and whistles into its cars, you can still use your BMW-specific OBD2 Scan Tool with other makes and models of cars.

This means that purchasing a tool today means that you’ll have one on hand to help with any car problems that your family and friends might have in the future.

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