How to use Lonsdor JLR-IMMO key programmer & odometer correction tool

Lonsdor JLR-IMMO user manual: for Jaguar and Land Rover key programming and odometer correction.

What is Lonsdor JLR IMMO?
It’s a new auto key programmer for Jaguar and Land Rover, produced by Lonsdor.
It can OBD program new keys or change km for the newest Jaguar, Land Rover after 2016, some Land Rover 2018.
JLR-IMMO where to:

How to use JLR IMMO?
– JLR IMMO language setup
– JLR-IMMO registration help
– JLR IMMO activation tutorial
– JLR-IMMO immobilizer car list
– JLR-IMMO dashboard car list
– JLR-IMMO software update
in detail….

How to register Lonsdor JLR-IMMO & get the activation code?
(1) Please visit official website:
① Login
Users with an account of a Lonsdor tool: input account, password and verification code to login.
Users without  a Lonsdor account: click on [Register] and follow prompt messages to complete registration, then log in.
② Device bound to an account
After login success, check system prompts when device boots. Input the device No. & registration code as per prompts, and set up a password for the device. Click on [Submit] to bind to the device.
(2) After bind device successfully, enter the site:
① Click on the JLR-IMMO button, click on [Get activation code], confirm that device No. shown on the webpage is consistent with actual device No. Click on [Submit] to get activation code.
② Input device No. on webpage to the device to activate it.

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