Coding a John Deere DPF with Texa

Diesel Particulate Filters, or DPFs, are exhaust filters designed to reduce the emissions produced by diesel engines. Once the machine has been in operation for 3,000 to 5,000 hours, depending on horsepower, you will need to clean out the soot that has accumulated through performing a regeneration.

Traditionally John Deere equipment owners have relied on dealers to service these exhaust filters. That is no longer the case. With Diesel Laptops TEXA Off-Highway kit, for construction and agriculture equipment, you have the tools and support to perform dealer level commands at the touch of a finger.

JOHN DEERE John Deere Service Advisor DPF CODING STEPS
Here’s what to do if you have recently had your John Deere DPF pulled out and had it baked and cleaned. You would also do a similar thing if you need to code the DPF because you have a replacement.
1.Get connected using TEXA Off-Highway Kit
Select your Make, Model, and Engine (In this case Tier 4)
2.Select Diesel Injection and press ‘Start’ on the ECU Engine Control Unit and Confirm
3.Once the unit is connected the ignition should be on
4.Under the faults tab you would usually have red for active or yellow for inactive
5.Under parameters you are able to see over 138 parameters
6.ECU info tab will give you information about the engine, most importantly the diagnosis code which tells us this is a level 34 ECM
7.The activations tab shows all the tests you can run on the unit
8.Settings tab gives options for clearing aftertreatment latched error codes, DOC & DPF
replacement, DPF regenerations, EGR valve calibration and so on
9.Go into DPF replacement – press start. This feature is used when sensors are turned off, cleaned and ready to go
10.Select Option 2 and confirm. The thing that sets this tool apart is that we have 2 options, not only to code the DPF but also to tell the ECM that we have pulled it out and had it professionally cleaned

If you need to force a regen before replacing the DPF filter, here are the steps!
1.Go to settings
2.Look for DPF service command and click start
3.Hit confirm on the prompts
4.You will see visual representation of the regen taking place

Programing your DPF and forcing regens are just a few of the capabilities of Diesel Laptops TEXA Off-Highway kit. To learn about the full capabilities of the kit contact our team today!

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