Free download MB SD C4 Blacklist File for SN 101044

Free download MB SD C4 Blacklist File for SN 101044-1


I have an issue with MB SD Connect C4 multiplexer (the old c4 i bought several years ago) with 03/2021 xentry.

It can access a C205. But failed to log in a C206 C220 d mod.206.016 year 2019 and a GLC254 300 4MATIC mod.254.147 year 2019.

Possible reason and solution:

1.MB SD C4 Serial number 101044 was blacklisted. It has problem using latest xentry.

2. SDConnect C4 firmware too old to support newer Mercedes benz. Borrow or purchase a newer MB SD C4 DoIP or MB SD C5 device.

3. Some blacklists can be bypassed by software. Download the C4 blacklist patch, unlock serial number and try again. If don’t know how to unlock, contact our engineer via Teamviewer (your order number and device serial number are required to get the technical support.)

Free download C4 Blacklist Patch for S/N 101044

For serial number 101044 only.

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