Auto Diagnostics a look forward

If you are trying to make sense of this industry, at the same time understand the reasoning behind it you will find this article most useful.  but bare with me writing was never my strongest skill.

People in the car repair trade have for the past two-three years  noticed that they increasingly required to connect Diagnostics tools to carry out repairs that have not needed such tools in the recent past, more modules and more sensors are added with each new car model.

Speaking with industry insiders,  I am reliably informed that all replacement parts will need to be programmed in. Something as simple as a back window wiper motor will need to be coded to the ECU Programmer in order for the car to recognise the new wiper motor. sounds simple enough,  well here comes the shocker all parts will have a unique code only found on the outside packaging of the new replacement parts.

Consider the implication of this on the 2nd hand market,  then consider the major car brands who already started to implement and embrace this trend, you will undoubtedly come to realize the monetary incentive behind  such additions.

Car makers are required by law to develop the maintenance software for their brands add to the that the fact they are not supposed to be supporting independent dealers or service garages, so they charge exuberant sums of money for Auto Diagnostics tools & software to their surprise it has become a multi-billion Pound Industry in relatively a short time. The need for more powerful Auto Scanner Tools has driven much of that growth, All the Car makers have noticed this sending in  “the numbers  men” to squeeze more milk from this proverbial cash cow, expect more and more Tech going into cars.

It was legal intervention that forced car makers to comply with the 16 Pin OBD port standards back in 2000,  the Heavy Duty Diesel Diagnostics for commercial vehicles does not fall under this directive but all have to comply with  the EOBD2 protocol. Think of the mayhem and  the total chaos that would have followed if not for the legal requirement.

This will mean the more premium end of auto Diagnostic tools  will have to add this function there will be many OBD Car Diagnostic Tool for the job we keep our site updated and we always research Auto Diagnostic tools,  keep visiting our site to get the latest news and offers.


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