DIY program ACM module with Ford VCM 2 IDS

I played around with the Ford IDS system for a coupe of year, it allowed me to do 90% what I expert. But I have not yet hook it up to program ACM module yet. So I decided to have a try.

All the components of the audio system talk to each other via the ACM. Ford loads the ACM in each car with a list of the audio components installed in that car. All that’s needed to activate the controls after putting another wheel in a base car is to tell the ACM what wheel was installed.

The Ford VCM2 Dealer system that is used anytime you need anything done to your car, a PCM reflash, add or change any module such as ABS, Factory Stereo, etc. First of all, let’s figure out some terms related to Ford VCM2 diagnostic system

VCM = hardware

IDS = software

ACM = Audio control module

VMM = Vehicle Measurement Module

PCM = Powertrain control module

The dealer costs $ 3000 but you can also get a good “clone” under $ 300. Mine $ 138, the cheapest price I ever seen.

The ACM is not difficult to project, you need to download Ford VCM2 IDS ACM programming file which I got from aobd2shop product page.

ACM programming helps to realize following functions:

1) Enabling an upgraded steering wheel with more controls

SomeĀ Ford Diagnostic Tool owners do not like their steering wheel that comes with their car. Some do not like the hard feel, some do not like hot or cold it feels. Some would not like stereo controls on the wheel. Lots of owners have installed the Boss 302, GT500, Premium or 18 R wheels on their base model, but they did not work. I figured out that they need to be activated to get it to work. You may get the problem done by went to the dealer ship but you properly be charged $ 150 or higher.

2) Enabling a back up camera

In order to access Ford IDS system, you need to find the VIN # of a car that has all of the same options as yours and the option you want …. for example:. Back up camera Then compare yours and the other cars it should be all the same except for probably one value. After that, program your car with the new ACM build as data. Write down / print out yours as back up, in case something goes wrong and you need to restore your old data.

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