Frequently Asked Questions for Using BMW ICOM NEXT A+B+C


  1. What are the advantages of an ICOM NEXT vs the old ICOM?
    My current “old” ICOM works fine, just wondering what I’ll gain from upgrading?
    – it is faster in F and G series ..
    – and supports gigabit Ethernet too to be future proof, there currently is not gigabit Ethernet protocol defined yet for autos. Also it has USB3.0 instead of USB2.0 and a better wifi card.
  2. Does ICOM NEXT have WiFi functionality ? WiFi I mean wireless connection between ICOM head and laptop
    Yes. There are some software checks in place for certain operations (eg, programming) that will instruct/prevent user from continuing until they swift from WLAN to directly connecting.
  3. Does anyone have updated part numbers for ICOM Next A?
    Received Icom Next 2 days ago OEM part number has no change –
    81 31 2 360 883
  4. Which ICOM Next should i get for 2009 Mini R56.
    ICOM NEXT A is enough.
    Only for checking the cars you don’t need a ICOM.
  5. Who has really tested the new BMW icom next? is really good? Please your opinion?
    Unless you have lots of spare money, I would not rush to buy it just yet, wait for a few more firmware releases first, you can read a few documents on issues with ICOM Next and using ISTA and ISTA-P and BMW’s official workaround is “Use ICOM”. So at the moment you really need both.
  6. Has somebody tested successful the Icom Next A with an Icom B to flash a CIC or CCC with WinKFP?
    – I`m using ICOM NEXT A constantly, with E series software pack ( inpa-ncs-winkfp) and F series ( Esys-bmw-aicoder) and obviously ISTA , and no issues . All working good.
  7. Any good site to recommend for a working icom next?
    I got mini from, have had no issues with daily use using multiple ICOM NEXT A’s on E series with standard tools (don’t forget to reserve head first in itool radar) or Ista, F series with Ista, even BMWTIS
  8. How to update ICOM Next A firmware?
    In order to solve your incident, please apply the following steps:
    Note: DO NOT UNPLUG the {ICOM Next} from the {OBD II} jack after an update via {ISTA}, a web interface or an emergency software update.
    The {ICOM Next} starts with flashing green SYSTEM {LED}s. After about 10 seconds it shows red {LED}s for about 2 minutes. After this, the {ICOM Next} reboots due to a firmware update.
    If the {ICOM Next} {LED}s remain red for more than 10 minutes, or if the {ICOM Next} is unplugged directly after an update, please carry out the following procedure:
  9. Please ensure that ALL of the following prerequisites are satisfied:
    1.1. You require a {USB} 2.0 or {USB} 3.0 flash drive. ({USB} 1.x flash drives are not supported).
    1.2. The {USB} flash drive must be formatted with a {FAT32} file system.
    1.3. A minimum of 60 {MByte} free space is required on the {USB} flash drive.
  10. Navigate to “{C:\ProgramData\BMW\ISPI\data\TRIC\ICOMNext\ICOM-Image-03-14-08}”.
    ProgramData folder is hidden by default. In that case, you have two options in order to access the file or the folder:
    – change the settings directly in the Windows Explorer (“Tools => Folder Options => View => Show hidden files, folders or drives”)
    – or enter the whole path into the Windows Explorer’s address bar and press enter.
  11. Copy “{ICOM_Next-rootfs-010002.tar.gz}” to the root directory of the {USB} flash drive.
    4. Copy “{ICOM_Next-app-010008.tar.gz}” to the root directory of the {USB} flash drive.
    5. Disconnect the {ICOM Next} from the power supply.
    6. Plug the {USB} flash drive into the {ICOM NEXT}.
    7. Press and hold the button pressed on the {ICOM Next} and connect the {ICOM NEXT} to the {OBD II} jack of a vehicle.
    8. Keep the button pressed. The {ICOM NEXT} starts with all {LED}s glowing red. The {LED}s stay red; some may flicker orange/yellow. Keep the button pressed.
    9. Keep the button pressed. After about 4 seconds, all {LED}s turn orange/yellow. All {LED}s now glow in the same colour.
    10. Release the button and then press it three times within five seconds. The {LED}s glow or flash red and orange/yellow again.
    11. Wait: This procedure may take several minutes. Do not disconnect the {ICOM NEXT} as long as any {LED} glows red.
    12. After about 5 minutes the SYSTEM {LED} turns green again. The {ICOM NEXT} has been updated and is ready for use.
  12. If the issue is not solved:
    13.1. Please submit a support ticket via the {OSS Cockpit}.
    13.2. Please provide the “{restore.log}” from the {USB} stick.
    IMPORTANT: When the software update is complete, the {ICOM NEXT} needs to be connected to the dealer’s network in order to be reconfigured.

All previous settings are lost during the update. If there is a “{user.settings}” file on the {USB} flash drive, it will be applied after the firmware update.

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