How to use Xtool X100 Pad2 to program 2008 Ram 1500

This post comes with the guide to add a new key to 2008 Ram 1500 by Xtool X100 Pad2.

All need:

One original key+ one spare key

Xtool X100 PAD2 key programmer standard version


Step 1: Follow the connection method to connect X100 PAD2 to vehicle

Step 2: Insert the original key into ignition

Step 3: Select Immobilizer-> select the corresponding car brand and car model-> Get security code

Step 4: Follow the prompts on the x100 pad2 screen to turn on/ off ignition until read out pin code successfully

Step 5: Remove the transponder from the original key

Put it together with the new key, and insert into vehicle

Just held this one took the innards out of it, so the transponder would be a way to program the new one and success

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