installation instruction of Autocom CDP+


The OBD2 Scanner Autocom CDP pro is a PC based OBD II tool which is very quick and reliable diagnostic tool which provides an interface between the vehicle and the computer. It utilizes the wireless capability of a PC which has an installed powerful Autocom diagnostic software and this makes it a very flexible and powerful tool that can can be used in all vehicle shops, vehicle testing and even armed and police forces. A number of electronic fault errors in cars can be diagnosed and rectified by use of this tool.

If your vehicle appears to be seeping fluids, begin by changing the seals and gaskets. The many common-area for outflows is where distinct parts join together. You may not require an expensive fix in case the flow originates from among these easily-replaceable areas. You may get a more wide-ranging escape, if the flow continues after replacement.All the AUTOCOM CDP PLUS use the same software 2014.2 except of the golden interface and Delphi. They don’t need to active anymore. And the installation is also very easy. The following is the detailed installation instruction:
Close all the antivirus softwares before install Autocom cdp plus!
1. Put the CD with autocom software into your laptop and open it.
2. Double click “Start”–Select a Language you want- Input product cars ID: a-710-142–Next
3. Active hardware key as the following steps:
Open Activator Patch 2013.1–click SHWK20131_OK-Input Serial 100251-Generate-Comes out a hardwarekey and copy it
4. Go back to the start page and paste this hardwarekey-Input Serial number 100251-Select country-Next-Choose “I have read the system requirements”-Next–Choose “I accept the terms of the License Agreement”-Next-Next-Destination Folder as C:/Program File/Autocom/Cars CDP+-Next-no need Input user information and click Next directly-Click Yes when noticing Proceed anyway-No need input distributor information-Click Yes when noticing Proceed anyway-Next-Install-Do nothing till the installation complete-Next-Finish-Click No when noticing Do you want to install another product
5. Go back to Activator Patch 2013.1 and copy AutocomDelphiPatch and paste it on the desktop-Run it-Select Autocom install in C:/Program Files/Autocom/Cars CDP+-OK
6. Double click Cars CDP+ icon on the desktop-Click right icon after noticing Software activation-click right icon again-Start- Settings-Hardware setup-Test-OK

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