JPRO Professional 2016 v2 software

Noregon has released an updated version (v2) of the advanced diagnosis and repair software.

Following the successful launch of JPRO Professional 2017 v1 earlier this year, Noregon has released an updated version (v2) of the advanced diagnosis and repair software. JPRO Professional is an all makes and models in-shop tool used by top fleets, dealers, and repair facilities to simplify diagnosis and expedite repairs for commercial vehicles.

For the latest release, Noregon focused on expanding bi-directional coverage and educational features.

Shane Gilliam, Noregon’s VP of Sales, said, “Technician efficiency is always a focal point of ours. We continuously add features that make their jobs easier, quicker, or increase their skillset and ability. For instance, we expanded upon our fault assistance and added to our vehicle health indicators to include alerts to inform the technician whether a DPF regen is necessary. Technicians stay extremely busy, so we take as much of the guesswork out of their job as possible and free up time to do what they do best, which is repair trucks.”

Technicians commend JPRO for its ability to reduce their dependency on OEM software, according to the company. By adding to JPRO’s expansive list of industry-leading bi-directional controls, technicians can spend less time switching between tools. The latest JPRO release added DEF doser pump override tests, actuator tests, air management tests, and more functionality often requested by customers.

JPRO remains the leader in the market for its ease of use, powerful capabilities, and adaptive updates.

Gilliam said, “We listen to our users, research the market, and utilize our experience as vehicle data experts. For example, a combination of customer feedback and research presented the need to add even more support for emission systems tests. After detecting this need in the marketplace, we added integral emissions related tests to this release to best support our customers.”

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