OBDSTAR ODO Master Mileage Correction for Mazada 3 2012

Here is a new customer test report for OBDSTAR ODO Master on Mazda 3 2012 mileage correcton.

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-1 (2)

Connect OBDSTAR ODO Master to Mazda 3 obd port,then enter menu to select “Mileage Calibration”

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-2 (2)
Check the massage,then click “Enter” to continue

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-3 (2)

Follow the screen prompt massage to turn off the ignition and then turn the ignition on

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-4 (2)
Reading mileage

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-5 (2)

Current mileage:80000KM

Please confirm the mileage correctly and press ENTER to continue

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-6 (2)

Now input the mileage of the Calibration “114000”

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-7 (2)

Please turn off the ignition and then turn the ignition on

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-8 (2)

Calibrating mileage…

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-9 (2)

Calibration complete

OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-10 (2) OBDSTAR-ODO-Master-Mileage-Correction-for-Mazada-3-2012-11 (2)

More information about ODO Master,please check:


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