Piwis 3 Software V40.000 Download & Installation Guide

Piwis 3 Software V40.000 Download & Installation Guide

Piwis III Software Update to V40.000 for Porsche Piwis tester 3 already. most client from Europe get Piwis 3 hardware, wanna try to Purchase Piwis 3 software for test. Below Autonumen.com share Piwis 3 V40.000 software download with Piwis 3 Keygen for Porsche PT3G Piwis tester 3.

Piwis 3 Software V40.000 Download:

Porsche PIWIS 3 V37.900 SD Card Download Link:

PIWIS 3 Keygen Free Download:

How do you use the Piwis 3 keygen:

This is the method you can try:

Make sure PIWIS 3 is closed. If it is open, right-click the Task bar, and then run Task Manager. Select co.porsche.piwis.shell and End Task.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services. msc in the search box. Run services.msc. If the service is running, then stop it.

If the Keygen is on the laptop, run it, and then leave it open.

Run a Command Prompt.
At the Command Prompt, type:

Enter the Serial Number into the Keygen.
Enter the Country into the Keygen.
Then change the Expiry Date to 01/01/2030.
The Dealer number is not important, but you can enter one if you know it (7 digit number).
Then just leave the Challenge Key blank for now.

Click Start (WinKey) and type services.msc in the search box. Run services.msc
Then change the AdminService startup to Automatic, and click Apply.
Click Start to start the service.

Run Piwis3.
Go to the Imprint section.
Then enter 4 random digits into the Licence key boxes.
Tick the Accept box, and click License Update — it will say Not Valid — click OK.
Click Licence update twice more and OK.
The Request Key should have disappeared, and the Create Key button should be active — click it then.
Place the mouse pointer at the bottom of the screen, and open the Keygen.
And then enter the Request Key into the Challenge Key box, and click Generate.
Enter the license key shown into the boxes on Piwis. Tick the Accept box and then click Licence update.
If successful, you should get a message to reboot. Click OK, and then the computer will shut down.


After starting the computer, open services.msc again.
Stop AdminService and then set startup to Disabled. You can now run Piwis directly.

You can also get the serial number by printing out the imprint request.
The snag with that is if you are imprinting a VM, it does not show the complete number.

(Credits to 911Turbo for his great contribution)

This is for your information.

If you don’t have a working Autonumen.com PIWIS 3 program or the keygen is not working for you,

you’d better choose decent Piwis 3 software, tested version better.

The circuit diagram in version 37.900 Porsche Piwis 3 software from Cnautotool。works perfectly even without online access. And whether the updates work now or not is only secondary, the main thing we have to play.

something to know about piwis 3:
from version 37900
the wiring diagram works on-line with ppn account.
after updat, you lost developer mode
my version
developer mode ok
unlimited license 9999days
wiring diagram ok
works perfect





i’d like to show you the guide:

have you control the drive E
the piwis decompresses the sdcard in E
The sdcard this decompresses in this drive after a failure to update
the bitlocker protection is automatically removed
revive the piwis, after a bad update miss
type 0X0000
now you have access to your piwis, as before

you need the bitlocker key of the sdcard
it’s the same for all sdcard and all versions
copy and past ctrl + v
bitlocker is remove
you have 2 files
change the ending .prs by .rar
now you are decompressing with winrar
you have access to the update decrypt
Manually install the update
you have to manually change the version in regedit
replace 37.250.030 with 37.900.000
control in piwis system version information
general and diagnostics
that all is changing automatically to be sure
he must not have 37.200
you lose the developer mode
now a little brain you go find the rest
as I did
all that finds new !!!!!
help the porschist
37.900 does not have much difference with 38.050.030
just added 992 and 982 ecu available instrument cluster
after success 37.900.000
for infos piwis shell is 1.190.18136
PDU-API is 3.3.3
diagnostic functions 9×1-37.90.00P

think also that the new model 2019
are guaranteed by porsche
you will not see them before 2 years in your garage

when the update 38.100 or 38.200 or 38.300 or 38.400 and available in sdcard
I’m talking about updating FULL, not delta I post it for free in the forum
no need to pay
it will be free to help our porschist friend

Pictures for piwis teter III V40.000:




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