Porsche PIWIS Tester II Dealer diagnostic equipment

Porsche PIWIS Tester II Dealer diagnostic equipment

PIWIS PT2 is fully operational diagnostic equipment based on engineering vehicle interface VCI and Porsche software. PIWIS II provides exclusive support for Panamera and new Cayenne 92A.

Supported model range
Panamera (all types)
Cayenne 92A (MY2011-2012)
911 (997 facelift, 991)
Cayman (987C, 987C2)
Boxter (987, 987-2)

PIWIS II main functions
General ECU diagnostics (DTC read/clear)
Guided fault finding
ECU programming/coding
Real-time control parameters display
Electrical schematics mapping

PIWIS PT2 advantages
Exclusive support for Panamera and Cayenne 92A
Fast and stable VCI connection
Simulation mode (diagnostic session without VCI connection)
End user capable DVD update

PT2 equipment set includes
Panasonic CF30 notebook
PT2 VCI adapter
OBD and USB cables Laptop power adapter
Preinstalled software

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