Practice Good Driving Habits

Having your car serviced regularly with a tune-up from a professional mechanic is one of the best things you can do to keep it running smoothly and to improve your mileage. Taking care of things like spark plugs that need to be replaced or belts that require changing will improve the overall performance of your vehicle.

You may be surprised to learn that the way you drive your car can affect its mileage and performance. Driving at unsteady speeds, with rapid acceleration or quick stops, is one example of a practice that takes a toll on fuel efficiency. As is excessive idling. It’s also a good idea not to carry around a lot of excess weight in your trunk, as it can drag your car down, making it work harder.

These are just five tips to keep in mind when working to improve the gas mileage in your vehicle. Such simple steps will save you money and help you to maintain your beloved import for as long as possible.The introduction of this system was through a protracted process which was first approved in California resources board. Kit has in fact taken root to cover several vehicle brands as covered by the different OBD scan machines available in the market.

Original Launch x431 diagun is professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH. Original Launch x431 diagun diagnostic tool diagnose by DBSscar through Bluetooth. Multi-language Launch diagun 3 x431 scanner support full system car diagnosis and up to 70 car models. below OBD2Tuning sharing Original Launch x431 diagun diagnostic tool Launch X431 Diagun x431 scanner Support Car List.

AUTOCOM CDP + is a PC based OBD II diagnostic tool with full functionality for reading and erasing diagnostic fault codes (DTC), real-time data, activations of components, adjustments and so on. CDP Pro supports 16 pole (J1962) diagnostic socket and handles all known communications standards for vehicle diagnostics.Software version: 2014.02 .

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