What are the advantages of chip tuning with Perkins EST?

Perkins EST – what is it?

Perkins Electronic Service Tool (EST) is software that really helps chip tuning professionals and service shops. Thanks to it, the ECU remapping process becomes completely possible and effective.

The Perkins EST tool gives vital engine analytics about the Perkins engine’s overall performance, health, power, etc. With the Perkins EST diagnostic tool, tuning experts can read active and previous fault codes and logged events. In addition, they can create product status reports in order to achieve perfect engine performance.

Perkins EST solution includes Perkins EST software and hardware – Perkins EST diagnostic adapter. With them both, tuning specialists can communicate with Perkins engines and control panels.

If you want to learn more about the features of Perkins EST, check the section below:

Perkins diagnostic software features:

Access to the ECU on all electronically controlled Perkins engines;
Dynamic diagnostic testing and calibrations;
Find active and previous fault codes and events, such as voltage too high/low, low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, etc.;
View and clear active and logged diagnostic codes and events;
View a list of irregularities logged by the ECM (engine control module)
View or rewrite the current Configuration File or Base level Flash File;
Configure and/or change system stock parameters;
Upload, download, and save configuration files;
Histogram of engine operations, such as load factor, engine rpm vs time, load vs time;
Print reports and diagnostic results;

What are the advantages of chip tuning with Perkins EST?

The troubleshooting of Perkins electronic engines process becomes far easier with Perkins EST software.
Perkins EST is essential when it comes to replacing an ECM on Perkins electronic engines because they can be configured only with the electronic service tool.
The diagnostic tool enables tuning experts to download, upload and save customer’s configuration files.
Also, it makes the update of software versions of control panels possible.

Which Perkins engine can we remap?
Perkins industrial diesel engines models:

Perkins industrial 2400 Series engines
Perkins Syncro engines
Perkins industrial 1100 Series engines
Perkins industrial 1700 Series engines
Perkins industrial 2800 Series engines
Perkins industrial 400 Series engines
Perkins industrial 2200 Series engines
Perkins industrial 2500 Series engines
Perkins industrial 1200 Series engines

Perkins industrial open power unit models:

Perkins industrial 1100 Series
Perkins industrial 1200 Series
Perkins industrial 400 Series

Perkins marine engines models:

Perkins Comercial M92B (64 kW, 308 Nm)
Perkins Pleasure M92B (64 kW, 308 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 4.4GM (42.7 kW, 286.5 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 4.4TGM (56.4 kW, 371 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 4.4TW2GM (93.6 kW, 623 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 4.4TWGM (75 kW, 483 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 415GM (12.375 kW, 85.9 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 422GM (18.4 kW, 131 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary 422TGM (24.5 kW, 176.6 Nm)
Perkins Auxiliary E70-TAG (109 kW, 1145.9 Nm)

Perkins electric engine models:

Perkins 1100 Series electric engine models
Perkins 1700 Series electric engine models
Perkins 2800 Series electric engine models
Perkins 400 Series electric engine models
Perkins 2200 Series electric engine models
Perkins 2500 Series electric engine models
Perkins 1200 Series electric engine models

Why choose us?

It is important to know that no matter it is easy to get the Perkins EST tool, only experienced specialists with the needed knowledge should use it to remap engines. Do not forget that it is not as easy as it looks and you can seriously damage the engine if you are not familiar with the whole process.

Effective Tuning is a professional tuning company that specializes in remapping engines for improved fuel efficiency, better overall performance, and more power. We have years of experience in Perkins engine tuning with Perkins EST! In addition, we offer a wide range of add-on options to choose from.

Our tuning solutions are 100% proven and reliable. Not only that but, our prices are the best in the worldwide market! Learn more about our prices.

Contact us today and ask about our Perkins tuning via Perkins EST (electronic service tool)! Check also the solutions and benefits of our chip tuning for service shops!

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