Which Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Milling Cutter is the Most Often Used 1.5, 2.0 or 2.5mm

Customer problem:

I’ve always used the 1.5mm cutter on my dolphin 2 xp005l but want to use a bigger cutter (2.5mm).

Does it cope well enough with most blade cuts or are there some keys that need the detail of a 1.5mm cutter?



dolphin-ii-xp005l-milling-cutter (1)


The users practical suggestions:

@Michael Chandler

I don’t use the 2 or 2.5 anymore… The 1.5 takes a little longer to cut. But for me the 1.5 cuts a perfect security track key.


@Ron Walker

We have 6 dolphins and only use 1.5. As has been said, takes a little longer, however it does best all around job.


@Padraig O Murchu

I used 2.5mm for everything except VW HU162 keys and not had any problems.


@Wire Works

I’ve always used the 1.5. The 2.5 seems to cut too rough.


@Dale Nelson

1.5, I learned the hard way as a rookie of course…..


@Wood family locksmithing

I use the 2mm most.


@Boyd Beattie

Just stick to 1.5 unless you only do one or two types and can get away with a bigger blade. If you think it’s too slow, buy a Godzilla.


In conclusion, 1.5mm milling cutter is the most often used to work with Xhorse Dolphin II XP-005L key cutting machine.

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