How to set up wifi Piwis Tester 2

Wifi Porsche Piwis 2 Wireless Configuration Guide:

First of all, need check the Rounter configuration, get the router id and password can set up by customer self.

Secondly, connect Piwis 2 to Laptop via USB cable, connect power adapter as well

The third step, Check Setting as following show

The fourth step: click & enter the “VCI configuration”

And then, enter the Porsche Piwis 2 WIFI

Account into SSID blank, and password into WEP blank, then save the setting.

Furthermore, back to Restart the Setting – Network Setting Porsche

Then, choose WLAN, then check
Search, then will search wifi information automatically

Enter the WIFI password as following, then choose Save.

Finally, Wifi configuration all ok, it will display the Wifi.

If you want to learn more,please click here :

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