Launch x431 diagun Feature

X431 Diagun
X431 Diagun

Launch X431 Diagun Scanner Tool is also called the launch x431 diagun scanner ,the X431 Diagun can be used in many series.In most famous brand car ,you can see the car owner uses the launch x431 diagun scanner tool.Following is the Feature of Launch x431 diagun.
Launch X431 Diagun Feature:
1.Very attractive entry level price
2.Intuitive to use and operate
3.Reading code numbers and description
4.Actuator test and component activations
5.Save measurements and display graphically
6.Check ECU status
7.Injector coding (depends on manufacturer)
8.Display diagnostics socket location
9.Basic settings of components (TPS, EGR values, transmission, air -conditioning system)
10.System search (depends on manufacturer)
Launch x431 diagun Function
1.Xenon Light Support and Basic Settings
2.Comfort Systems (Seat, Door, Navigation)
3.Service interval reset (long life service, particle filter maintenance)
4.Reset language of instrument cluster
5.Maintenance support: Reset of parking brakes (SBC, EPB), ABS bleeding
6.Display of error codes as code number and description
7.Coding and Programming (Depending on manufacturer)
8.CAN-BUS Diagnostics
9.Delete auto-adaptive values (engine or automatic transmission)
10.Reading and erasing stored trouble codes (DTC)
11.Display live data streams and customized data lists
12.Calibration (injector calibration FORD, Renault, MAZDA)
13.Basic settings (TPS throttle, ESP, transmission)
14.Key Coding

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