WinEEM4s JCB Service Tool Free Download

What is WinEEM4s JCB Service Tool?

WinEEM4s JCB Service Tool is an easy tool for the monitoring and adjustment software to Sisu Diesel electronic Control Unit.Programs can be used for EEM2,EEM3,EEM4 ECU.

WinEEM4s JCB Service Tool Introduction

1.1. Purpose

This document is the troubleshoot information for the AGCO POWER EEM4 Electronic Engine Management system. The provided fault descriptions include information on the possible causes for the fault, on the influence on the engine operation and instructions to resolve the problem.

1.2. Scope

The system reports detected faults by fault codes. These fault codes can be read over the CAN bus from the EEM4 controller using a WinEEM Service Tool. The fault codes may also be transmitted over the CAN bus to a vehicle’s instrument panel. Alternatively, the fault codes can be shown using blink codes on a diagnostic lamp.

When a fault code is known, the enclosed documentation can be used to analyze the reason for the fault and to find a solution to the problem. Additional equipment may be needed to inspect the system components and Their operation (e.g. multimeter).

1.3. Definitions, Terms, Acronyms and Abbreviations

CANController Area NetworkECUElectronic Control UnitEEM4AGCO POWER Electronic Engine Management, 4th generationFCFault CodeFLnFuel limitation level n (power limitation)MPROPMagnetic Proportional valve, the control valve of the high pressure pumpPCVPressure control valve, the pressure control valve controls the rail pressure.PRVPressure relief valve, the mechanical safety valve on the common rail unitService ToolSpecial software for running a system diagnostics on a personal computerSLnSpeed limitation level nSystem ResetTurn ignition off for 60 seconds (minimum), then back on

WinEEM4s JCB Service Tool Free Download

WinEEM4s 2.6.1 Free Download

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