Installation and registration solution for JPRO Professional 2019 v2 software

JPRO Professional is the most comprehensive and powerful diagnostic tool for all makes and models available in the industry today. In a simple annual subscription, JPRO offers a complete and unparalleled diagnostic service and repair solution with bi-directional functionality.

Next Step Service Information module helps speed up repair times by providing users with detailed engine repair information and troubleshooting guides for ABS and Transmissions – with the click of a button.

Noergon’s DLA+ 2.0 adapter is a diagnostic communication device designed to interface between a vehicle and PC via USB cable for diagnostic and vehicle information, re-programming or parameter adjustments.

Installation and registration solution for JPRO Professional 2019 v2 software

Part 1. How to Install JPRO Professional software 2019 v2
Installation and registration solution for JPRO Professional 2019 v2 software-1

1.Close all other running applications.
2.Insert the JPRO® USB Flash Drive into a USB port on your computer.
3.Open Windows/File Explorer and click on the USB drive.
4.Double click the “Setup” file to launch the installation window.
Internet connectivity is required for registration.

5.Click the “Install JPRO“ button. Follow the on-screen installation instructions.
6.When the installation has completed, close the Installation screen.
7.Install the DLA drivers by clicking the “Install DLA Drivers”
8.Follow the on-screen instructions and the separate DLA QuickStart Guide to complete the installation.

Part 2. How to Resigter JPRO Professional software 2019 v2

1.JPRO Commercial Vehicle Diagnostics requires registration before the application may be used. Double-click the application’s icon located on the desktop. You will be prompted to register the product.
2.Click the “Edit” Button in the Customer Information section to add your contact information. You will be required to provide an email. It must be a valid email that you can access.
3.Enter all license keys that you purchased in the License Key designated area and click the “Add” button.
Installation and registration solution for JPRO Professional 2019 v2 software-2

4.Click the Register button. The information is sent to Noregon’s license server over the Internet. The license servers will send you an email with a confirmation code. You must enter the verification code when prompted to complete the activation process.
An internet connection is required for registration.
5.After successful registration you can start using JPRO Professional.
6.Click Help and then select View User’s Guide from the main JPRO Professional toolbar for detailed information on the application’s features. You can also access the user guide by clicking Connect in the main menu and then clicking the How To button in the Connect window.

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